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  Joe Beaver's Superstar Shootout!
  Are you ready to see eight of the best calf ropers in the world go at it in a shoot-out style match? Joe Beaver has arranged the “quick and the dead”, winner take all, challenge. Here in Huntsville, TX you’ll be reminded of the high noon gun fights as these champions fight each other to get to the final round. Each year promises the fastest calf roping runs you have ever seen. Included are highlights from last years shoot-out. With less blood than the O.K. Corral, your family will enjoy the Joe Beaver shoot-out of the stars. 





  Joe Beaver Productions
The Drive of a Champion - The Joe Beaver Story

This is Joe's story as NEVER told before. This film is for ANYONE with a dream and EVERYONE with a purpose. 

Calf Roping with Joe Beaver

Joe is a world champion and a teacher of winning techniques. With this video you’ll learn how to practice for your horse and for yourself, about equipment and how to make your ties accurate and fast. You’ll see dozens of Joe’s runs and each time he explains the game plan: scoring, handling the slack, approaching and blocking, flanking and tying. The horse and the calf dictate adjustments and Joe simplifies it all for you. Lots of valuable information for either calf roper or calf roping fan. About 80 minutes.

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