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This site is all about helping you rope. Team roping, calf roping, if it involves a rope, Joe is an expert. On this site you will find a wealth of information aimed at making you better than you ever though you could be.
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Q: Why should I subscribe to this site?
A: Because you are interested in roping and want to learn more. Can you think of a better source of information than an eight time World Champion?

Q: What does the site have to offer?
A: Start with videos, lots of them. Joe has been collecting videos since the early 1990s of his roping, then added to that extensive narration and informational videos and those make great tools to help you improve. In addition, this site has a forum where you can discuss the videos, equipment, techniques and more with other users, as well as with Joe himself. Our forum is state of the art using vBulletin's Publishing Suite which includes the standard forum, articles, blogs, photo galleries, and more. We will continue to add new features to the site to help you improve. Please view out Why Subscribe page for more information.

Q: Fine, Joe is an eight time World Champion, but can he teach?
A: YES! As of September 2010 he has over twenty scheduled roping schools for 2011 all over the world and has been teaching ropers of all ages and skill levels for years. Visit http://www.joebeaver.com for more information and testimonials for his schools. Joe also provides private training.

Q: Since he has schools, should I just take one of them, or just subscribe here, or both?
A: That depends on what you want out of your investment. The schools have an advantage in hands-on training which simply can not be beat for fast improvement. The website has the advantage of being able to supply more information than the school ever could, even Joe can not condense twenty years of experience into a couple of days of school.

Q: OK, so he is an awesome roper and he can teach, what does he know about current products and techniques?
A: More than you might think. He has developed roping specific boots with Twisted X boots, helped in the development of ropes from Equibrand and more. His training has produced many current champions which is posted on http://www.joebeaver.com.

Q: What do the videos look like, can I see some before I subscribe?
A: Absolutely! At the bottom of most pages there is a link to the Free Videos page where you can see quite a few videos without even signing up. Once you are sure you like what we have to offer, simply click on the Videos link at the bottom of the page and you will be redirected to a page where you can subscribe.

Q: What do I need to be able to use this site?
A: An internet connection and a web browser! Our video is encoded in high resolution H.264 MP4 which means you can view our videos on your Windows computer, Apple computer, tablet computer (iPad), smartphone (including iPhones and Androids) or even your portable media device such as an iPod. We don't believe that just because you are waiting for your tires to be replaced at the tire store and don't have a computer handy that you should be without your training videos! While the site should technically function on slower connections such as dial-up, I do not think I would actually try watching a video on that slow of a connection.

Q: What is the quality of the videos?
A: Of course you can view the free videos for yourself to see, but if you like techno speak we encode our video in state of the art H.264 inside a MP4 wrapper at 560x320, 16:9 aspect ratio, 25 frames per second. This video can be delivered either by an Adobe Flash plugin for older systems, or the new state of the art HTML5 for browsers such as Internet Explorer 9 or your Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Do keep in mind that some of the footage is from the 1980s and was shot on very low resolution cameras that will not look nearly as good as the more modern footage.

Q: Why did you choose H.264 instead of <insert video format here>?
A: To start with, H.264 is generally accepted by all HTML5 compatible software as the standard. Only Firefox holds out for a different format. In addition, H.264 is the general standard for high-definition camcorders and cameras to record video, is supported by the vast majority of video editing packages and is the standard for almost all Blu-Ray videos you see on store shelves. Our goal was to support the maximum number of platforms with a minimum of cost to you, H.264 was the clear choice.

Q: How many videos do you have?
A: While all of them are not online yet (it takes a little time to do this you know!) we have hundreds and hundreds of them. We are working furiously to get them all up as soon as possible.

Q: My browser "Insert Browser Name Or Device Name Here" does not work with Flash/HTML5/Whatever, can you please support it?
A: Unfortunately it costs money to support alternate browsers and when you factor in the cost per user it is simply not economical to support everything. Given that 99% of every computer or device shipping today has Internet Explorer or Safari on it from the factory those are our two biggest concerns, we suggest you use one of those which is already installed on your computer or device for viewing this website.

Q: I would like to see "Insert Feature Here" added to the site, can you do that?
A: I don't know, send us a comment from the Contact Us page and we will look into it for you. We are always looking for new ways to serve the community and if it makes sense, we will sure give it a try.

Q: I am having a hard time viewing the videos. I see black video but hear audio, or I see video and hear no audio.
A: You most likely are using an old version of flash, visit http://www.adobe.com and update your flash player and try again.
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