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What does 'Get up' mean?

Sometimes you hear someone say 'get up' or 'get up and get ready' and you may wonder what that means. Here Joe explains what it is all about.

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Date Added: 2010-09-15

Category: instructional

Student on 2nd day of training

This is an excellent run by one of Joe's students during their second day of training.

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Date Added: 2010-09-15

Category: calf roping

Million dollar Ellensberg & mis

Riding Primetime at Ellensberg, some calf roping, a little bit of team roping, Jenna barrel racing. I won the overall there that year and busted my first million in rodeo. They say you cant make it roping, wish I had known before.

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Date Added: 2010-10-25

Category: calf and team roping

Western Wishes

Western Wishes is an organization dedicated to granting the wishes of seriously ill children in the western community. Many rodeo greats, including Joe Beaver, participate in this extraordinary group. This video was provided by Western Wishes.

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Date Added: 2010-09-26

Category: misc

1994 NFR Las Vegas

Yep, that's me with the flag! Las Vegas is alway fun and I was going for my sixth World Championship tie-down, and although I didn't get that, I did get the All-Around World Championship so I guess it was a good result :-)

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Date Added: 2010-09-25

Category: calf roping

Introduction to our website

This introduction video shows you the basic areas of the website and how to use them. The overview includes the video section, forums, and more.

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Date Added: 2010-10-02

Category: misc

Drive of a Champion DVD Trailer

The Drive of a Champion, the Joe Beaver story is a DVD production that details the life of Joe Beaver. Not a training video, and definately not just for calf ropers. This film is for anyone with a dream and everyone with a purpose. Get a sneak peak of the DVD with this video clip!

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Date Added: 2010-10-10

Category: misc

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